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Snippets from My Life Story

As it turned out, I didn’t need that extra time. Bob Bush, from Harvard, had just accepted the chairmanship at the University of Pennsylvania with the mission of reorganizing that department. He offered me a promotion to associate professor at Penn.  Several other professors from Harvard, like Dick Solomon, for instance, were also moving there. Also, at that time, my wife Anita and I were living for a couple of years in Philadelphia, on leave from Harvard, while I worked at the Anatomy Department of the Medical School there to study the effects of ventromedial hypothalamic damage on the eating behavior of cats. 

Also, at that time, Eliot Stellar, my friend and mentor from Johns Hopkins, moved there.  With such a confluence of favorable factors, I decided to stay at Penn, where the Anatomy Department was across the street from Psychology, rather than across town as it was in Boston.

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