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Snippets from My Life Story

Eventually because of visual difficulties in making stereotaxic lesions I had to give up this line of work. Around that time I noticed that autistic children about the age of 6 all seemed to have some movement disturbances in the way they walked. I reasoned that if the disturbances were there at the age of five or six, they would be there from birth, and decided to study the early years of children already diagnosed as autistic.

I asked such families to send us videos of their children as infants, and Osnat started to study and analyze those videos. The work progressed slowly but after a few years it became clear that those babies had movement deficits which were easily apparent in the first few months of life to the trained eye.

We described those movement deficits and published them in a book entitled: “Does your baby have autism?”

With this book, mothers could very easily spot such movement disturbances and seek help for their babies. Unfortunately, the professionals in the field mostly ignored the book. But one day its value will be generally acknowledged.

I wish I could remain doing these lines of work, but alas father time has caught up with me, but I must say I have had a good time.

Philip Teitelbaum, Gainesville, Florida, April 12, 2011

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