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Teitelbaum Festschrift Speakers

Gianluca Esposito

RIKEN Brain Science Institute

Three Lessons from Philip Teitelbaum Applied to Motor Development in Humans and Mice

Ilan Golani

Tel-Aviv University

The Developmental Dynamics of Behavioral Growth and Decay Processes in Rodent Egocentric and Allocentric Space

Portia Iversen

Cure Autism Now

In Search of Innovative Biomarkers That Can Define Intermediate Phenotypes in Complex Neurodevelopmental Disorders

John F Marshall

University of California, Irvine

The Brain on Methamphetamine: A Neuro-Behavioral Disorder

Serge Pellis

University of Lethbridge

Do Behavioral Neuroscience As You Would Do Ethology

Trevor W Robbins

University of Cambridge

Animal Models of Neuropsychiatry Revisited

Paul Rozin

University of Pennsylvania

Philip Teitelbaum:

The Early Days

Timothy Schallert

University of Texas at Austin

Ultrasonic Vocalization and Fine Oro-Motor Skills in Rat Models of Neurological Disorders and Drug Addiction

Rae Silver

Columbia University

Touchstone: The "Lateral Hypothalamic Syndrome" in the Study of Motivated Behavior

Edward M Stricker

University of Pittsburgh

Neurochemical and Behavioral Analyses of the Lateral Hypothalamic Syndrome

Osnat Teitelbaum

University of Florida

Observing Behavior: What's in it for Us?

Ian Q Whishaw

University of Lethbridge

N = 1

Michael J Zigmond

University of Pittsburgh

From 6-OHDA to Parkinson to Brain Health: How Phil and His Students Led Me Here

Bart Hoebel, Philip's first graduate student, was scheduled to participate in the Festschrift symposium. We deeply regret his untimely death, June 11, 2011 (read notice at Princeton).

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